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Kaydara Noodle Bar features a large open floor plan highlighted by the open kitchen. Locally owned and operated. Chef 2/2 is formally from Osaka, Blue Bar and “O” Restaurant and Lounge.

Kaydara’s menu items include noodle-based dishes prepared in-house with a distinctive southeast Asian flare offering vegan and vegetarian options.

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Mon 5:00-9:00
Wed 5:00-9:00
THur 5:00-9:00
fri 5:00-10:00
Sat 4:00-10:00

Our Restaurant

Southeast Asian

If you're a fan of Vietnamese, Lao, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisine, then you're in for a big surprise. Not only are we serving up some highly uncommon Asian plates, but guests will have a choice of six different seating areas.

Depending on your mood, you can sit at the centrally located 360 degree bar, or if you prefer, seating overlooking the open kitchen or in the far corner with windows looking onto Main Street. Our elevated platform is another dining option, or up in the balcony overlooking the Main Floor.

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